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Why I’m afraid of memory techniques (and the EIT Memory Challenge)

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Eyram thinking about memory techniques
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An EIT Memory Challenge? Memory is strange. It’s one of those topics you barely talk about unless you want to insult someone or your grandma has Alzheimer’s. In my c... read more

Is Experience A Simple List or A Skill?

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Are You Showing Your Resume Work Experience Correctly? I usually read statements like these: “The work experience section of your resume will make or break getting the int... read more

PE 001 – What Is Your Story?

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  Story is the man. Story rules the world. Story has no boundaries. Since the beginning of time, story has helped many people describe events that have made them better pe... read more

Let The New Logo Contest Begin. Which One Wins?

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Logo contest are awesome, right? Well, let’s make this official: In a week from the date this is posted, the Entry Level Engineers Group On LinkedIn will have a new logo.... read more

The Flame In My Heart… IGNITE!

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You don’t need to be intelligent to find an answer. You don’t have to have an answer to find the solution. Problems occur because we don’t adapt. We accept the... read more

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