Disclosure Policy

So, let’s be clear and honest here: Everything costs money.

Whether it’s our clothes, shoes, laptop, iPad, you name it… We all have to pay.

This site also costs me. Therefore, this disclosure policy is just to let you know that I’ll be making some type of money on this site to pay for maintenance, security and all the good stuff that comes with it giving you awesome FREE content.

Actually, I’m kind of happy that’s the case because it will force me to give you guys content you will appreciate and use. Otherwise, what would be the point of following garbage advice? 😉

I hope one day that I could do this as a full-time job (Wouldn’t that be awesome?!). However, I’d like you to know that I support you guys 100% and, if I do sell anything on this site, I’ll always give you products or services that I’ve tried and found to be useful for myself when job hunting. Also, I’m sticking to the FTC Ruling for Bloggers which protects, not only you from crazy scams, but me from destructive lawsuits that are completely unnecessary.

So, here is a breakdown of money-related conditions you should look into for before using this site:

  • Whatever I post will (directly / indirectly) make me money
  • All of the information I provide is completely free to you and does not force you to buy anything
  • I may recommend affiliate products and services which will make me money when you purchase them ( No extra cost to you! )
  • NEVER will I endorse or recommend anything that looks bad, smells bad, or is bad and doesn’t benefit (or help) with your job hunting
  • Sometimes, I will give out prizes or hold contests. These will not cost you anything.
  • I reserve the right to put advertisements on this blog where I want and how I choose to. None of it (at least to me) will be annoying but, rather, be judged useful to all my readers if selected.
  • I like being honest. But, I won’t tell you when there is an affiliate product in each post. Reason? Just too much work.

With that said, I want to thank you for supporting me in my goals and interests. It’s one thing to help people out but it is an amazing feeling when you can help people you care about and make an honest living out of it.

To your success and mine!

– Eyram

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